My Story

I was once restless like you! My family struggled with a sleepless child for a whole year, thats 12 very long sleepless months! Thanks to the methods taught to me by my instructor, Dana Obleman through the sleep sense program my son now sleeps 12+ hours a night and no longer wakes for night feedings. Here is my story…

From the day we brought him home from the hospital my son Rhett was never a good sleeper. I assumed he would grow out of it. It wasn’t until he was 12 months old that I realized I couldn’t wait around for that day any longer. He was relying on sleep props such as his bottle and being rocked to sleep. His bed time started getting later and later which meant my Husband and I had no time for ourselves. Rhett was waking up 2-3 times a night wanting a bottle and snuggles. We even tried bringing him into our bed and co sleeping for a few hours a night. But Rhett would toss, turn and kick us all night long. It was complete chaos. I found myself googling sleep consultants in my area at 2 in the morning. This is what sparked my interest in becoming a consultant myself. I started sleep training my son that night with the leave and check method. Our first successful night made me want to shout from the roof tops. I wanted to give every sleep deprived parent the answers and rest they so very much deserved. I enrolled in the program the very next day. I have been through this, you are not alone, and together we can fix this!

I look forward to helping you get the sleep you deserve,



To help parents and their children get the sleep that they deserve by giving them the tools and the knowledge that will finally allow them to sleep through the night.


Helping parents and their children get the rest that they need to build healthy family sleep habits that lead to a happy family.